212 Fredericksburg Ave.     P.O. Box 531
Louisa, VA 23093      (540) 967-1400

Located in Central Virginia, the Town of Louisa has about 1555 residents. It has all the advantages of a small community, but is within an hour's drive from Richmond and Charlottesville, and barely two hours from Washington, D.C., the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the Atlantic Ocean.

This website is designed to let people everywhere know about Louisa-- whether they're interested in moving here, retiring, working, visiting, playing, or vacationing here. It also keeps our residents up-to-date on local activities and issues.

The Downtown Transformation:
New Sidewalks & Streetlights!

Town of Louisa

"The Town of Louisa is the center of government, commerce, culture, and arts for the County. As the heart of the County, we take responsibility for our destiny and commit to leadership that will ensure our economic and collective success. We are a community that preserves and builds on our history while retaining our social fabric and small town appeal. Our Main Street defines us, providing a sense of place and identity and drawing citizens together to create a progressive, vibrant, and caring community." ----  Louisa Town Council

Have you seen our NEW SOD??

The sidewalk seating for Cafes and Restaurants ordinance has passed. Currently, 2 permits have been issued.

Streetlights with an appropriate vintage design...

Free parking - 301 West Main Street
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