‘If I Were Mayor’ Region 6 Essay Contest Winner

MAEVE MYERS – Louisa County Middle School

If I Were Mayor…

The mayor of a city has the difficult job of balancing the budget, local needs, and available resources. I would work to make all of these things happen. I would help create a community green space, enhance the educational experience, and establish a mentorship program.

Enhancing the educational and classroom experience would be beneficial for everyone. It would make school more enjoyable, and help make lessons useful in real-world situations. This would include having classes outside, making volunteer and hands-on opportunities available to everyone, and using technology to enrich lessons. Students could volunteer in community cleanups, or be able to access labs or computers after school to create new things and experiment. The better your education is, the brighter your future.

Establishing a mentorship program in local schools could really make a difference. Older students could work with younger ones to build confidence and a sense of self-worth. Mentors could help with homework and studying, or just support their mentees through rough patches in their lives. Students who didn’t have someone at home to help them would have someone to assist them in reaching their goals in school. It would encourage responsibility in the mentors as well, because they’d know that someone was looking up to and counting on them. Mentors could be critical in helping students reach their potential. No one should be at a disadvantage in the classroom because of a lack of support or encouragement.

The creation of a local green space could greatly improve my county. A community garden or park could provide a beautiful location for families and recreation, an expansion of the classroom, and the provision of fresh vegetables to those who would not be able to afford them. Students could work in the garden and learn about plants, how to grow them, how the ecosystem works, etcetera. Fresh vegetables would be an extremely beneficial addition to the county food bank. Low-income residents who might not otherwise get fresh produce would have easy access to locally grown, organic food. Also, a park would provide a nice place for families to unwind and for kids to play. A community green space could bring nutrition to those who need it, hands-on education for local kids, and beauty for all.

I believe that if you have been elected by the people of your community to a government position, it is your responsibility to cause change for the better. If I were mayor in my community, I would do my best to represent my fellow residents as best as possible. I would encourage the creation of a local garden or park, work to establish a mentoring program in local schools, and assist in efforts to enhance the educational experience for all students.

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