Dedication of “John Jones Way”

On Saturday, July 31, 2021, the Town of Louisa unveiled “John Jones Way” in honor of General Superintendent John J. Jones for his tireless work and dedication to duty with the Town of Louisa Public Works for over 50 years. Thank you John for all you do!

One thought on “Dedication of “John Jones Way”

  1. To R Garland Nuckols Mayor, Vice Mayor Jessicia J. Jessi Lassiter, Town Manager Liz Nelson, Jessica Ellis, Bud Dulaney and other members of the Town Council.
    My co-workers, dignitaries, business owners. I wish to thank you for the recognition and celebration for fifty years of service. I thank God for being alive to witness the unveiling of John Jones Way.
    As I am honored this day, I am reminded of my earlier days working as a town employee. The late Elmo Daniel, would show you one time and you were expected to do it the next time. He was quite but carried a big stick, Elmo’s knowledge help to develop my skills, and knowledge of the town’s water system. Thanks for Elmo’s way!
    During my time of reflection, I honor the late Ms. Griswold Boxley another leading town citizen that would often need help with odd jobs. Ms Boxley help me develop patience, and appreciation for historical artifacts and antiques. Thanks for Elmo Daniel’s way! and the Boxley way! They did it their way, and now it’s John Jones way.
    Thanks to my family, friends, and church members ,for, gifts, cards on this day of recognition.
    Thanks to everyone who made this unforgettable day possible.

    John Jones

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