Calling to pose as IRS

Throughout 2015 – 2016 our agency has received many complaints from the citizens in Louisa informing us they have received calls from individuals identifying themselves as being with the Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ).

In nearly all the cases the caller will inform the Louisa resident they are delinquent in their taxes or owe the IRS money from back taxes.

In all cases the resident has been threatened, and if not paid they are going to be arrested. The Scammer will ask you for money and only allowing the resident a few minutes to pay up over the phone or purchase a money card. Efforts are made by the caller to essentially coerce the victim for their credit card information and or bank account information. Don’t become a victim , you can hang the phone up at any time there is no requirement to continue the conversation.

The IRS will not call you and their staff will not make threats of putting a person in jail . The IRS will not call ask for payment over a phone nor will they direct you how to pay. Please do not get caught up in this scam and please emphasis this to the elderly members of your family. They have become easy targets.
I have attached a link from the IRS that highlight the ongoing problem.

Read more on the IRS website