Notice of Public Hearing

Proposed Budget and Fee List for the Fiscal Year Commencing July 1, 2023

Proposed Water and Sewer Rates Ordinance

Proposed Zoning and Planning Fees Ordinance


This budget is prepared for informative and fiscal planning purposes only.  Its approval does not constitute an obligation or commitment on the part of the Town Council of this Town to appropriate any funds for that item or purpose.  There is no allocation or designation of any funds of the Town for any purpose until there has been an appropriation for that purpose by the Town Council (Virginia State Code § 15.2-2506). The Louisa Town Council will hold a public hearing on the budget, the proposed Water and Sewer Rates Ordinance (Virginia State Code § 15.2-2143 and § 15.2-2122) and the proposed Zoning and Planning Ordinance (Virginia State Code § 15.2-2286) at the regularly scheduled Town Council Meeting on Tuesday, May 16, 2023 at 6:00pm at 212 Fredericksburg Avenue, Louisa, Virginia, at which members of the public may comment on the proposed budget, Water and Sewer Rates Ordinance and the Zoning and Planning Fees Ordinance.  Comments can also be submitted prior to the meeting by calling our office at (540) 967-1400 or email at  Complete copies of all budget material, proposed ordinances, and information concerning the documentation for the proposed fees, levies or increases are available for examination at 212 Fredericksburg Avenue, Louisa, Virginia.  Written request for this information will be honored by mail at P.O. Box 531, Louisa, Virginia 23093 or email at

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