Sewer Rehabilitation Project

Town of Louisa Sewer Rehabilitation

May 2021

The Town of Louisa has been rehabilitating some of the sewer lines that show signs of leaking and have deteriorated with age.  This work has been on going for months now and is continuing through May and June.

The work started this week will take place on West Street, Meadow Avenue, Loch Lane Drive, Ellisville Drive, Cammack Street, Church Avenue (by RR), and East Main Street. 

The scope of the work will vary but includes:

• Cleaning of the sewer lines with installation of a new liner inside of the existing pipe;

• Repairing broken pipe sections through excavation and replacement of the pipe;

• Replacement of manhole rims and covers;

• Sealing of the manholes by installing a cementitious coating inside the manholes.  

This work may require revisiting the same sites several times to complete all the steps required for rehabilitation.  

The work may create the following issues for the citizens in the Town:

• The cleaning is accomplished by using a water jet that runs through the pipeline.  This sometimes creates pressure in the plumbing of the house.  It would be helpful to locate the houses clean-out and mark it for the crews.  It would be also prudent to close the commode covers in the house (especially the basement level);

• When the liner is installed, it takes about two to three hours to cure (or solidify).  During this time the connections from the homes along the pipeline are closed off.  This backs up sewage in the pipes from the home.  Typically, this does not cause issues unless there is a basement bathroom where it could possibly overflow.  The best practice is to minimize sewage usage if your home is in the area being lined.

These improvements are being done to reduce infiltration of groundwater into the sewer system and to keep the system operating for many years to come.

If you have any questions please contact: John Robins, Project Manager, Town of Louisa at (540) 967-1400 or email

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