Commercial Security

To help you avoid the unpleasant experience of burglary,
we’ve created a list of practical theft prevention tips:


• Light all exterior points of entry with permanent fixtures that are difficult to reach or tamper with.

• Light the interior of your business enough that someone outside the building could see someone inside.

• Install a fence or hedge – it’s your first line of defense. You should be able to see through the fence.

• Hedges should be wide, rather than high, and of a prickly, thorny variety.

• Install window locks designed/positioned so they cannot be unlocked after breaking the glass.

• Install safety glass (glazing). It is highly effective at deterring break-ins.

• Install motion detectors and alarms to sense movement inside the building.

• Install a deadbolt lock/latch in each exterior door.

• Lock overhead and receiving doors with high-quality padlocks or other devices.

Tips for Managers:

• Insure that all employees receive a written statement of key policies and procedures, and that they acknowledge receipt by their signature.

• Make it easy for employees to come forward to report their suspicions or concerns:

• Tell employees what to report and when to report it.

• Tell employees exactly how the information they provide will be used.

• Reassure employees that they are doing the right thing.

• Make yourself accessible to employees.

• Don’t criticize employees who may be over-cautious.

• Respond immediately when you receive an employee call for assistance.