Take Heed of Counterfeit Money

The Town of Louisa Police Department has seen an increase in the quantity of counterfeit U.S. currency in recent weeks. Currently, LPD in conjunction with Louisa County Sheriff’s Office are aggressively pursuing these cases which have stemmed from Town and County wide businesses. At this time both agencies have experienced or recovered counterfeit money in dominations of $20’s and $100 bills. Businesses are reminded to take caution when handling U.S. currency and utilize their appropriate training to detect falsified monies; such as the “Pen Test” method. Unfortunately, these forgeries are still finding their way into cash registers.

The best method for merchants and the public to not become victimized of these types of crimes is by being properly trained in what legitimate bank notes look like. The re-designed U.S. currency makes use of many printing techniques to improve legitimacy. However, if retail staff or consumers are not aware, these improvements become inadequate. There are very few forgeries that will pass most of the tests that the average person can perform on the spot. Detecting forgeries immediately helps law enforcement, consumers and retailers at the same time.
The Louisa Police Department urges everyone to be familiar with the elements of legitimate currency. For examples of real U.S. banknotes look here: http://www.newmoney.gov/newmoney/default.aspx